Any Plans for New Year’s Day?

Do you have any plans for New Year’s Day?  If not, come on out and hear some violin playing with the Saint Augustine Catholic Church choir at mass on January first.  Mass is at 11:15 AM and the church is located on Beulah Road, on the border of North Chesterfield and Richmond, Virginia.  There is no cost to visit and parking is free!


Coming Soon to my blog

Hey all!  Today I was reading up on a chapter from a book on how to blog about podcasts.  To help me get an idea of what one is, I listened to one.  Most of the ones that I heard like listening to talk radio.

What I am hoping to do in the future on here is have at least one podcast of me playing violin. I hardly ever record my playing to begin, therefore, this might even help me.

I have a microphone, a microcassette tape player, and headphones.  I could really use some suggestions though on how to go about putting the podcast, once finished, on my blog.  Any thoughts would help, even if you are not a musician.

Thank you all!



Other towns, other countries

I have been playing violin for such a long time that I have forgotten what town I played in outside of mine.  All I know is traveling is one of my favorite things about playing my instrument. 

As I have said in prior posts, I had started playing violin in Westerville and I probably played in other towns near it including  in the city of Columbus, Ohio.  I also know that I played in other states from Indiana to New Jersey. 

When my family and I moved to Virginia I started off playing at school in Midlothian and again played in nearby towns such as Bon Air, Chesterfield, and the city of Richmond.  Then I played in Philadelphia on a school field trip one year and on a cruise ship to the Bahamas another year. 

When one plays an instrument, one is not just learning the music and how to play, one is being exposed to the cultural environment surrounding that person and those memories are valuable. 


Christmas Eve

I look forward to playing violin at Christmas Eve for St. Augustine’s Catholic Church and the carols will be begin at 10:00 PM. The church is located on Beulah Road in North Chesterfield , VA off of Kingsland Rd.
Not only will I be playing music at mass, I will be singing as well. This year we will be singing a new song and I hope those who comes will like it for Christmas Eve.
This past week I practiced not only some church music, I reviewed Songs by JS Bach and Vivaldi. In addition, I looked over a Seitz student concerto and I thoroughly enjoy playing those.
What is your favorite Christmas song or advent tune? I would love to know. Mine tends to be Carol of the Bells and it is a hard one to play on violin.

8:30 AM Mass

This Sunday I will be playing violin with my choir at the 8:30 AM mass.  This will be in the Saint Augustine Church on the border of Richmond and Northern Chesterfield.  I hope to see people there as the Advent season comes to a close.  I am excited to be playing one of my favorite hymns, Canticle of the Turning, which will be the closing hymn.