Now that I have played at…

It started in Westerville, Ohio. My violin playing that is and then I played in other cities in the Columbus, Ohio area. I recall playing at nursing homes and a festivals.
Then my family and I moved to Midlothian, Virginia, south of Richmond and I continued playing here at school and later on at church. I joined groups outside of school and performed in a group at locations such as the VCU School of the Performing Arts and the Mosque. With my school’s orchestra class I participated not only in festivals, but, also played with some classmates in All-County and at Senior Regionals Orchestra held at other schools in the Richmond, VA area. I took private lessons during high school to help me improve and played once in a recital. Lastly, I participated in orchestra school field trips to Philadelphia where we played music at a mall and to the Bahamas, entertaining people on a cruise ship with fellow class members.
Following that I went to college and took orchestra as a course off and on and played in the Catholic student mass choir. I even played at a couple of retreats inside and outside of the college. I also played music at a Catholic Young Adult Ministry Convention that was held in Richmond at a hotel.

While I was a student at Radford University in the orchestra class, I played with the group on campus in resident halls and in academic buildings in a school auditorium. We did things ranging from the annual Madrigal dinner to playing works composed by music composition majors. In addition, we played music off campus at times a performing arts venue in the city of Radford’s downtown area plus we performed at churches.
I continued my playing after college by playing at churches and took lessons at a local academy of the performing arts. My questions is where should I play next? The better question is how do I get there?


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