Christmas Eve

I look forward to playing violin at Christmas Eve for St. Augustine’s Catholic Church and the carols will be begin at 10:00 PM. The church is located on Beulah Road in North Chesterfield , VA off of Kingsland Rd.
Not only will I be playing music at mass, I will be singing as well. This year we will be singing a new song and I hope those who comes will like it for Christmas Eve.
This past week I practiced not only some church music, I reviewed Songs by JS Bach and Vivaldi. In addition, I looked over a Seitz student concerto and I thoroughly enjoy playing those.
What is your favorite Christmas song or advent tune? I would love to know. Mine tends to be Carol of the Bells and it is a hard one to play on violin.


3 thoughts on “Christmas Eve

  1. Hi, How did your part at the service go on Christmas Eve? The “Carol of the Bells” — wow, you picked a tough piece. I’m not sure if I ever heard that on violin. I attended aunt Joan’s church on Christmas Eve. Nice service with trumpeter, bell choir, regular choir and an instrument sort of like a glockenspiel with small bells. She went to mine on Christmas morning. Hope all is well with you. A very happy and healthy New Year, Nicole.


    1. Uncle Ken,

      The parts that I played with the choir on Christmas Eve went well. We didn’t do “Carol of the Bell”s. I sometimes sing with the choir and this year we did a new song “Christmas Grace”. One of my friends came out to hear me play.
      When I played violin at Saint Edward’s Church and at Church of the Epiphany we had trumpet players in choir.
      I hope that you have a good New Year as well!


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