Other towns, other countries

I have been playing violin for such a long time that I have forgotten what town I played in outside of mine.  All I know is traveling is one of my favorite things about playing my instrument. 

As I have said in prior posts, I had started playing violin in Westerville and I probably played in other towns near it including  in the city of Columbus, Ohio.  I also know that I played in other states from Indiana to New Jersey. 

When my family and I moved to Virginia I started off playing at school in Midlothian and again played in nearby towns such as Bon Air, Chesterfield, and the city of Richmond.  Then I played in Philadelphia on a school field trip one year and on a cruise ship to the Bahamas another year. 

When one plays an instrument, one is not just learning the music and how to play, one is being exposed to the cultural environment surrounding that person and those memories are valuable. 



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