Stay in Tune

Staying in tune is important for musicians, especially for string players.

In cold weather like this, a string or all of the instruments’ strings can go out of tune in a second.  How can one make sure that the instrument is in tune?  One way is by matching up the notes with a pitch pipe.  it looks like something Disney’s Peter Pan played once.

Another way to make sure you are in tune is by using a battery powered electric tuner.  I recommend the Korg brand.  You can check and see if you are in tune with any natural or flat notes.  Some of them are combined with a metronome!

Thirdly, if you have one at home you can tune to an electric keyboard.  I have a Casio brand keyboard that I had to rely on for tuning my  instrument sometimes when the battery in my electronic tuner died.

Lastly, you can also use a piano if you have one or if there’s one available.  Actually, I just thought of another possible way you can tune your instrument.  You can use an audio and/o video clip from the Internet!  Has anyone does this?  Please let me know, because I have yet to try.


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