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Very excited!

it appears that people have been following my blog more and more.  I am quite happy!

I have been spreading the word by email, in person, and through social media.  I am getting quite a few followers on Twitter 🙂

I was wondering how you promote yourself and/or your business?  What works for you?  What does not work as well for you?

I have one friend who has a personal “mascot” for her brand and carries it with her.  Another one of my friends uses the old school technique of business cards.    Maybe I should try one of those someday.

Stay in Tune

Staying in tune is important for musicians, especially for string players.

In cold weather like this, a string or all of the instruments’ strings can go out of tune in a second.  How can one make sure that the instrument is in tune?  One way is by matching up the notes with a pitch pipe.  it looks like something Disney’s Peter Pan played once.

Another way to make sure you are in tune is by using a battery powered electric tuner.  I recommend the Korg brand.  You can check and see if you are in tune with any natural or flat notes.  Some of them are combined with a metronome!

Thirdly, if you have one at home you can tune to an electric keyboard.  I have a Casio brand keyboard that I had to rely on for tuning my  instrument sometimes when the battery in my electronic tuner died.

Lastly, you can also use a piano if you have one or if there’s one available.  Actually, I just thought of another possible way you can tune your instrument.  You can use an audio and/o video clip from the Internet!  Has anyone does this?  Please let me know, because I have yet to try.

Have Extras on hand!

The other day my godparents gave me a gift of a set of violin strings from the Red Label brand.  The strings are made by the Super Sensitive Musical String Company.

It is strongly recommended to have extra instrument accessories with you as a musician.  You never know when you will need extra strings, a shoulder rest, a music stand, rosin, tuner, metronome, or polish.  Even just a plain cloth is helpful to get rid of any dust on your instrument, and if you play with a bow, having an extra one of those would not hurt either.

Any of these items can be lost, stolen, broken or simply wear out.  I assume that you take good care of yourself.  Why not take good care of your instrument?

How Long do you Practice?

My stretch goal every day is to practice violin for four hours.  I don’t always reach that goal, however, I sometimes practice more than four hours with brief breaks.  I go over music for church and then music from Suzuki books, sheet music from high school and college and lesson books.

When you practice, how long do you practice for?  What do you practice and do you always go in a certain order?

Here’s a word of advice from me though, if you feel like practice is more work than fun, stop playing your instrument (or whatever it is you are doing) altogether and do not play that instrument anymore.  You are wasting time, energy and money, that could be all done on something you truly are passionate about.

What is Your New Year…

Hello to all my music fans out there!  I am not talking about my music of course, I am speaking of music lovers  out there in general.

How is everyone’s new year going thus far?  What resolutions did you make?  I resolve to keep working on this blog. 🙂

The choir that I am in at the wonderful Saint Augustine’s Church will be at the Sunday 8:30 mass this weekend and I do hope to join them.  There have been many things happening outside of church though.  Ack!



Thank You All Epiphany

Thank you all who came out yesterday to help the choir, the instrumentalists and I celebrate Epiphany weekend at church.

There were a few songs that the choir did at the last minute such as “Halle, Halle, Halle” and “Dona Nobis Pacem”.  I did not know ahead of time that there would be a childrens interpretation of the Gospel.  They looked very cute in their costumes and the readers did very well.

I will post again soon to let you all know when the next mass is that I am playing in.  🙂