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This is one of my favorite quotes but I am unsure who said it.

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

First Church I Started…

This is a link to the Church of the Epiphany Catholic Church. It was the first church that I had ever played violin at and I started playing there my freshman year of high school in the Intergenerational Choir in 1990. The director of the choir was Pam Bosselait. I met many wonderful musicians and singers. We had woodwinds, brass, and percussion instruments as well as piano, organ and electric bass.

Question of the day…

My question of the day is who inspires you? Is it a parent, guardian, a coach, a teacher, or a sibling? I read today on social media that a friend of mine lost her godfather and I am she is devastated. I would be if I lost my godfather, my godparents support me strongly just like my parents do. They treat my brother and I as if we were their very own children and they have no kids of their own. They celebrated joyful occasions with me from holidays to when I was confirmed and they were around during sorrowful times such as for funerals.
Yes, my godparents supported me, stood by me, inspired me. Again, I ask, who inspires you.